Cake Toppers Anyone?

Well, after 2 years of waiting and waiting and waiting... my laser cutter and engraving machine ARRIVED! It's been a long few years of creating and designing products specifically for my new machine. Now the time has arrived... I HAVE CAKE TOPPERS! 

Each special cake topper is cut and/or engraved out of maple wood or clear acrylic which can be painted and sealed depending on customer requests. The last few cake topper designs have been created on my IPAD using my handy dandy apple pen. I have created my own special calligraphy brush stroke that I use make each design. Some creations have been from clients-- hand designed custom crests or calligraphy from other artists. What a wonderful way to collaborate! 

A very popular cake topper idea right now is a custom monogram or letter cut to fit the top of a wedding cake, rehearsal dinner cake, birthday cake or mothers day cake. Funny cake toppers are great for milestone birthdays, bachelorette parties, backyard BBQ's and all kinds of festive affairs. These cake toppers are food safe and can be reused, so grab yours today!

If you have a custom cake topper request, please give me a shout. I love hearing your ideas! To purchase a cake topper please visit my Etsy page: