Virginia Calligraphy Classes and Workshops

Winter classes will be posted in November. Please sign up for our newsletter to get class information and upcoming dates/times. For private lessons and small group inquiries, please email me at for pricing.

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Modern Brush Pen Lettering Class

Learn Modern Calligraphy like a Pro by If So Inklined! Invite your friends over and learn a new skill. This easy to use workbook was created when I started teaching calligraphy classes and workshops over 7 years ago. I have taught hundreds of classes and have an extensive knowledge of lettering. You will learn how to effectively achieve thick and thin lines with a Tombow brush marker.


• 2 hours of professional calligraphy training

• 1 Tombow Marker Brush Pen

• 1 Easy to follow workbook with arrows

• 30 total practice pages

• 3 pages of traceable words of encouragement

• Recommended to be used with Tombow brush pen markers

• Also great for kids!


Pointed Pen Calligraphy Class

This Pointed Pen workshop is intended to help guide the student in learning the basic letterforms of copperplate calligraphy with the proper professional  tools and knowledge. It is a great class for beginner calligraphers as well as those who have never worked with pen and ink before. Ideal for anyone interested in the wedding industry, starting a business, brides, grooms, crafting, friends evening out and more! With over 7 years of teaching calligraphy and 20 years as a professional calligrapher, illustrator and graphic designer, this class gives the student valuable information at a competitive price. Don't waste money on buying the wrong materials or over paying at a retail store. 


•  3 hours of professional calligraphy training

•   Special professional tips and tricks that will help speed up your calligraphy process

•   Beginners level 1 starter kit, which includes: 2 nibs, pen holder, ink well, practice pad

•  Practice sheets and full informational packet

•   Tote bag

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Monogram Design Class

Everyone loves a beautiful monogram. Monograms come in all shapes and sizes, created from a variety of lettering and art. In this class, you will explore the different ways to create a 2 letter and 3 letter monograms. We will discuss how to design floral wreaths and beautiful borders. At the end of class you will have several lovely monograms that can be framed. A previous calligraphy class is helpful, but not required. Great class for beginners, teens, and experienced calligraphers!


•  2 hours of training

•   Multiple high quality paper for final projects to take home

• Use and try various calligraphy tools, nibs and color ink