Introducing Quickliner™ for Calligraphers and Crafters

Have you ever tried to address a dark or lined envelope and you’re writing looked slanted? SO… you decide to take out a ruler and measure the guidelines. Then you connect the marks on each side to get the perfect straight line. YOU HAVE JUST SPENT 6 to 12 MINUTES JUST TO GET GUIDELINES!

That’s EXACTLY what I used to do when I would get an envelope addressing job. My heart would sink when the client filled out my work order and I would see the words— black envelopes with white writing, OR white envelopes with navy liners. UGH!

After measuring out lines for years, I decided that I would just charge more for my service. WELL… I lost a lot of work by doing that. NO ONE wanted to pay extra for having dark envelopes. I would have to explain my pricing EVERY TIME!

It became A HUGE PROBLEM! I tried every product on the market— laser liners, reflecting liners, flimsy plastic templates— YOU NAME IT I TRIED IT!

I spent so much money on products that quite frankly were USELESS! I couldn’t find anything on the market that would efficiently solve the envelope addressing problem.

Then I saw an ad on Facebook for a laser cutter. I bought the laser cutter bc I wanted to create some products with my art and calligraphy. I started playing around with designs and ideas. Suddenly I thought… HEY, let me try to cut a design that would help me address those pesky dark envelopes. And to my surprise IT WORKED!

Not only did it work, it was easy, fast and effortless! SO… 2 years into creating the design ( hundreds of hours reworking files ), finding a manufacturer, creating packaging, purchasing a trademark and patent…


It truly is my baby. I guarantee you will LOVE this product. Check out this link to purchase your Quickliner™! Free Shipping on orders until November 10th, 2019.


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