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The Ultimate Introduction to Dip Pen Calligraphy ( Recording )

If So Inklined Calligraphy

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Dip Pen Calligraphy

Join our Best Selling Online Intro Calligraphy Class in the Comfort of Your Own Home & Go at Your Own Pace!

Intro to Dip Pen Calligraphy

It doesn't matter if you have never touched a nib and inkwell before or if you have been dabbling in hand lettering for years. This hand lettering class is for anyone who wants to learn the proper way to hand letter without the headache and confusion that so many people feel! Are you tired of struggling to put together the missing pieces from online YouTube or Pinterest tutorials? Do you feel like some classes omit key elements that could propel you to the next level?

This BRAND NEW lettering class will change the way you learn calligraphy!

What will I learn?

    • This 5 lesson video classroom demonstrates how to write both uppercase & lowercase letters, so that you understand everything from start to finish
    • ALL NEW downloadable traceable lettering worksheets
    • Learn the proper supplies and order your kit ( optional supplies included )
    • Learn how to set up your workspace for optimal performance
    • Learn how to connect 72 letter calligraphy letter combinations
    • Learn how to properly write the numbers 0-9

The Ultimate Beginner’s Calligraphy Class for only $17!

Download Today & Get a 
BONUS Level 2 PDF Project!

Here is what you DON’T NEED to get results in becoming a professional calligrapher…

    • A Huge Budget
    • A Ton of Supplies
    • Good Handwriting
    • Complex Methods
    • Artistic Ability
    • Confusing Videos that Omit Important Information

    Here is what you DO NEED to get results in becoming a professional calligrapher…

      • A Desire to Learn a Few Simple Methods
      • A Few Cheap Supplies
      • Expect Results. Let me help you start your calligraphy journey today!

    Learn how to easily write in dip pen calligraphy in 5 complete lessons. You will gain insider tips & tricks that will get you started on the path to professional calligraphy. By the end, you will have a finished work of art that can be displayed!