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IPAD Calligraphy for Beginners - Recording

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Say what!? IPAD Lettering? Isn't that cheating? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, I use pen and paper with my IPAD calligraphy. This class is going to blow your mind! Literally take your calligraphy skills to the next level and learn how to cut your design time in half! Great class for those who want to make products like cards, invitations, or anything that could be reproduced and printed. Also, a fun class for teens!

** Prerequisite: Beginner calligraphy knowledge. You must also have an IPAD, Procreate App and Apple Pencil or Stylus Pen.

What You Will Learn?

    • How to use Procreate for IPAD lettering
    • How to hand letter on the IPAD with my best brush list recommendations for true to life lettering
    • How to turn your lettering into files for reproduction
    • Quickest ways to vectorize your lettering
    • Learn what free and paid programs are available for design work with your IPAD
    • The best places for printing your projects on demand
    • In class, you will create a design that you can print at home!

What Will You Receive?

    • Printable PDF's IPAD Workbook ( Traditional Style )
    • Final Design to Print
    • Lot's of information. Ask me anything!

Once purchased, you will receive and email with the class video link as well as the workbook and instructions on how to do everything from start to finish in this class. Please reach out with any questions!