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Design Your Own Products!

Want to partner with me? Are you a graphic designer or someone good at the computer interested in creating your own hand lettered products to sell? If so, then you are in the right place! I work with thousands of designers and companies in which I create unique lettering to fit specific brands.

All of my hand lettering will come to you vectorized, ready to be easily designed by you. There are no time limitations or crazy expensive licensing. I believe that by partnering with designers, I can spread my love of lettering to the world. Pricing is available for custom designs.

To purchase previous lettering artwork, please click these links below.

click here to purchase the holiday calligraphy bundle
click here to purchase the wedding calligraphy bundle


To custom lettering artwork or custom clipart: please email me at

 Commercial Letter Pricing Starts at $65 per word -- includes vectorizing. You may use this artwork on all things.

 If you need spot calligraphy for a one time use Pricing Starts at $12 per word ( non - vectorized ). Double the cost for vectorizing. For example Mr. and Mrs. John Doe-- cost would be $50.00 ( non-vectorized ); $124 (vectorized)